asl artistry for the entertainment industry


The zone style of interpreting is best described as the happy medium between shadowing and platform.  It keeps a centralized sight line.


Platform places two appropriately dressed interpreters near the stage, placing language far from action, yet accessible.


  • Consultants on performances that feature use of ASL
  • Consults on events that have received a request for interpreters
  • Provides rehearsal and backstage interpreters for productions employing Deaf actors
  • Collaborates to help market your event to Deaf & hearing audiences
  • Provides workshops and training for interpreters, directors, cast and crew interested in learning the strategies and artistry of integrating shadow and performance interpreters


The shadow style of inclusion allows for the greatest amount of artistic and emotional access.  Audiences love this the best!

synergy services

​SOS utilizes three different interpreting paradigms SHADOW, ZONE, and PLATFORM.

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