we believe in entertainment access for all.

preparation sets us apart

synergy is our strategy

Incorporating American Sign Language (ASL) enhancement into your next production will help make your event unforgettable for both Deaf and hearing audiences.  Reach out to Deaf audiences by superimposing our hands on your action.  You'll love it.  Each season brings dynamic performances you can see across the Metro-Detroit area.  Don't just make your performance accessible - make it memorable.

Synergy is what happens when we work together to provide language and artistic access to all audience members.  We provide teams of certified, experienced interpreters/performers for productions looking to reach out to Deaf audiences and to events that receive a request for accessibility.  Ready to book our services? Need information about adding ASL enhancement to an entertainment event? Get in touch with us HERE!

what we do

  • Collaboration with Deaf language consultants
  • Interpreting of scripts/music prior to performance
  • Memorization of translations
  • In-depth script/character analysis
  • Attending blocking rehearsals (depending on performance style chosen)
  • SOS crew meetings to address the production's criteria and needs of the Deaf audience - from A to Z.